What Should You Do When You Need Your Compost Ready In a Hurry?

As we’re packing up all of our things around the house to get ready to move, one thing occurred to me. We have two compost tumblers and both were completely full and way too heavy to even consider moving. So I’m going to need to empty out all the compost, before we can take them to the new house (such a waste!).

So one tumbler I was hoping to have ready by fall, and the other one I was stopped adding to when we found out we would be moving, and was nowhere close to being ready.

Now, the reason why I bought these tumblers is because we have a huge bear problem in our neighborhood and I needed something secure enough to withstand frequent bear attacks. And that’s something this tumbler has been really great at. But the problem with such a narrow opening, is that it’s hard to get the compost out, especially if it’s not ready.

IMG_0243So, in desperation, I moved the tumblers over to one my garden beds and flipped it over, so the opening was over the ground. My hope was that there would be more access to earth worms and other bugs that would help it break down more quickly.


I was pretty surprised by the results. Within a week, the one that was closer to being done, was just about done (only two weeks earlier that one was filled with maggots).


And within two weeks the other tumbler was just loose enough for me to empty. There were still large chunks of leaves and other organic matter, but it was broken down enough that there wasn’t a smell, which I was worried about since that would definitely attract bears. Also, I think looked okay raked over the garden bed.


So all in all, I think it was a success. I got my bins empty in time for the big move! I’m just sad that I won’t be around next year to see what springs up from all this unfinished compost!



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