Naturally Healing Body Oils

I found this article on Mother Earth Living about body oils with healing properties. It’s definitely something I’ll consider adding into any soaps or lotions that I make. I’ve never heard of it before, but Tamanu Oil sounds like it would be particularly good for my skin, as I’m almost always afflicted with rashes of some sort. I also think Sea Buckthorn sounds like something I would want to add to a homemade facial cleanser or moisturizer.


Do We Need Dogs on the Farm?

I’ve been debating whether we should get a dog. On the one hand, I’m concerned that if we did get one, it would attack any chickens we might have and on the other, I know having a dog would be good for keeping bears away.

That’s when I came across this article, which makes it seem like having a guard animal is a must have. We plan on keeping our animals fenced in and while a fence might deter a lazy bear, I have doubts whether it would do much good against a coyote or fox.

Goats Milk Soap

Within the last ten years or so, I’ve developed extremely sensitive skin and occasional bouts of eczema. I’m pretty much allergic to 99.9% of all soaps and lotions, which can trigger a pretty bad eczema outbreak. Because of this, I end up spending a good chunk of money on hypoallergenic products that still have a long list of ingredients I could never hope to pronounce. I know goats milk is very good for the skin, so one of my plans is to use some of the organic goats milk we produce, to create lye free soaps and lotions that have minimal ingredients and would be good for extremely sensitive skin.

The Journey Begins.. sort of

Selenë Farms, named after my daughter is located in Warren County, NJ. We haven’t even moved in yet. Still in the process of painting the house, but I have big plans! The plan so far is to move in before the end of July and by next spring at the latest, I would like to have 4 chickens and 1-2 goats (for milking).

My husband and I are both city folk, so it should be an interesting transition / learning experience.